Gateway has held a single vision for many years now. We believe that we should be a place where people can come to Jesus and find a community that is steadily learning how to re-represent Jesus through changed lives to provide a place of relationship, development and ultimately maturity in their faith.

We believe that Jesus came into the world because He wanted to reveal God’s love to us, and bring us to the heart of the Father so we may know Him, the reality of His love and truth so we may prosper in relationship with Him and others, and reveal His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We believe Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit of God, personified God the Father and as such made the unseen God known to us all through His life on earth.

We believe in the gospel of the Kingdom of God as Jesus preached and demonstrated. It is the amazing Biblical truth that Jesus not only died for our wrongs against God (by us rejecting his love and truth and not trusting that He exists, called sin), but He also gave to us a new life that flows with God’s life, so that we can come into the fullness of our potential that God always intended for us to realize whilst living on earth.

That new life comes to us by the work of the Holy Spirit and the acceptance of Jesus Christ into our life turning away from our old life of Sin. This new life gives us confirmation of identity, brings us into relationship with God so we may know and experience Him in a real way, and so that we can have relationship with others in such a way we can fulfill the purpose for our life that God always intended for us.

Jesus becomes the key to unlocking the fullness of the potential God created us with and to fulfill the destiny that God chose for us.

We believe Jesus won for us more than a ticket to heaven when we die. He gave us a new life, with a new identity, affirmation, value, hope, community with family-like values, and purpose. He gave us everything we need by his obedience so that we can prosper and live an exciting fulfilled and overcoming life and carry that new life into the world so others may know him also.

We recognize that we need to reach maturity in the new life we have been given. So we believe that believers need to be built up together in a community that shares relationships like a family does, where honor, respect, generosity and responsibility are values we hold to. As we grow up into the reality of our maturity we believe that we are equipped to reveal this new life in Jesus to others no matter what sphere of influence God has given to us.

Paul Tothill Preaching