Wednesday Night Church

7pm till 8:30pm

Prayer Meetings


Wednesday Night 7pm – 8pm

Our “Encounters” evening each Wednesday night is designed to activate believers in their spiritual gifts and the life of the Spirit. Because it is an activation evening there will be a small amount of teaching from time to time.  Each week will look different from the next, so that we are following the lead of the Holy Spirit to become “like Jesus” and “do the things that Jesus did” in revealing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to change lives of people cities and nations.

Wednesday night is not designed to be a repeat of Sunday’s meeting. It adds to Sunday by setting our heart on fire for the things that Jesus was passionate about and He said His church would move in!

Get along to Encounters this Wednesday and transform the way you think, believe and live!


Wednesday Night Church is a fresh approach to Church that understands we live in a changing world where people do not always have their weekends free and cannot get to Church on a Sunday.

Wednesday Night Church gives vibrant expression to worship, prayer and hearing the Word of God in a simple and revelatory way that empowers us to live the life we are called to live beyond the four walls of the meeting.

We start at 7 pm. You can expect to be greeted into a friendly vibrant atmosphere that is authentic in desiring to become a church that Jesus is building. You can expect we will pray for the City, worship Jesus together in a modern and exciting way, release spiritual gifts and hear words of encouragement and empowerment to help us in our life of faith.

Please join us Wednesday Night at 7pm.